Pick Your Punch


  • Joshua Harrison

  • Ruben Bugayong

  • Jennifer Giralo

  • DeVonte Easby

  • Belli B Moore

  • Jackie Tinsley

(2 menu item min per-person in the showroom)

“Pick Your Punch” is a hilarious on the spot improv comedy show where our comedians have to improvise a set based off a punch line drawn by the audience! Prior to the show each comic will submit their punch lines, and they will all get thrown into a bucket where an audience member will randomly draw. The kicker is the audience will also have an opportunity to enter their own punch line to add to the mix, and then decide on which comic makes it to the top.

Jason Santiago and Alice Valpey are Phoenix based comedians who have performed on stages around the valley and across the country. Having their own experiences with both stand up and improv comedy, they’re sure to bring you some of Phoenix’s funniest rising stars!

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