3 Reasons We Invited Trevor Wallace Back

Trevor Wallace is a stand up comedian and actor based in Los Angeles. You’ve probably seen one of his funny videos online, but he’s even funnier in person. He’s one of the most well-rounded comedians to perform at our comedy club so when we saw the opportunity to bring him back for a show, we took it.

We could give you a dozen reasons to come see Trevor Wallace live at the House of Comedy, but you’ll only need 3. So without further adieu, here are 3 key reasons we invited Trevor Wallace back:

1) Wallace can be seen just about everywhere on the internet and has collectively built a digital thumbprint of over 300 million views since 2018. He’s an original cast member of the wildly popular YouTube channel, All Def Digital, and has also been featured on Comedy Central, Buzzfeed, Unilad, Funny or Die, Super Deluxe, Fusion TV, IFC, Worldstar Hip Hop, 9GAG, Reddit & MTV2.

2) He’s not new to live stand-up comedy. Wallace has performed at comedy clubs and colleges all over the country with some of the biggest names, although his biggest accomplishment is being told he has “beautiful hair” by Todd Glass. Wallace is a sure thing and a seasoned veteran in the live stand-up comedy scene.

3) Wallace is the hands-down crowd-pleasing-favorite. Whether you’re planning a date night, night out with friends, or team building with colleagues, you can’t go wrong with Wallace.

There are a few ways to buy. One, get your tickets online by clicking here. Two, call the box office. Three, drop by and purchase your tickets in person. Last year’s show sold out, so however you decide to buy – do it quick!

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