Roast Battle East vs West

Roast Battles is a competition between two teams going head to head to see who can write the meanest, most hurtful, and funniest jokes. Each show will have a different theme, such as “East Coast vs West Coast” and “Battle of the Sexes.”

At the end of each battle our panel of judges — ranging from military vets to rappers — will decide who takes home the cash prize. Come out and watch these comics get roasted.

Team Captains

West Coast

Matt Micheletti is a comedian originally born in Manteca, California and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. This Green Bay Packer super fan runs “Hot Mic”, a fantastic bucket style open mic that is known to last for hours, and keep the laughs coming all night. When asked to name a celebrity over the age of 65 he’d sleep with, he declined to comment. His wife Barbi runs his life.

East Coast

Ryan Garasich is a comedian originally from Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania and now calls Phoenix, Arizona his home. During the day Ryan teaches middle school social studies, and is PASSIONATE about the Oscars. You can check out his in-depth Oscar predictions every year. When asked to name a celebrity over 65 he’d sleep with, Ryan answered Raquel Welch without hesitation and invited her to holla.