Funniest Person with a Day Job

(There is a 2 menu item minimum in the showroom)

Well we had to miss a year, but we are back!!

We are doing our 6th Annual Funniest Person with a Day Job Contest. Are you the office clown? Does everyone want to talk to you at the water cooler? Do you just want to give stand up a try? 

This is the contest for you, and who knows maybe you can win the grand prize of $1000.00. That's what I said the winner will walk off with one of those big checks for $1000.00, not to worry we will give you a real check as well. 

Apply on our website to register, all we ask is that you have 5min of original material and it doesn't need to be a stand up act it can be any act that is comical. 

We will have celebrity Judges and Hosts. 

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