Big Pine Showcase Featuring Jazmyn W

Big Pine Showcase

Featuring Acts:

  • Mike Dapper - Host

  • Jazmyn W - Headliner

Special Presentation - No Passes Accepted

(2 menu item min in the showroom)

You don’t want to miss this Big Pine Special Presentation! Not only does this show feature some of our fest’s favorite performers, you are in for an AWESOME treat with showcase closer Jazmyn W. 

Jazmyn W is a true self starting entrepreneur. As a Stand Up Comedian, Content Creator, Host, Actress & Influencer, her sense of humor is totally practical (and sometimes inappropriate). Jazmyn finds humor in awkward life moments, professional relationships and microaggressions. She says what women are thinking. Jazmyn has a total reach of 1.3 million+ across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat.

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